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Trotec BC15 Thermo Hygrometer

  • Trotec BC15 Thermo Hygrometer

    Trotec BC15 Thermo Hygrometer BC15

    BC 15 thermohygrometer
    The right indoor climate can decide between success and failure, a healthy environment and an unhealthy one. Countless production processes in indoor facilities rely heavily on clearly-defined climatic conditions. If the relative humidity in a production plant is too high or the air temperature too low, then this can seriously affect the standard of quality of the processed goods or even result in whole batches of foodstuffs, for example, having to be destroyed. Productivity in the workplace or office can also drop if the room’s occupants are not able to focus on their work because of low and therefore discomforting humidity levels. These low humidity levels can even have an effect on the sick rate, because they can be closely linked to an individual’s susceptibility to colds.
    That’s why the BC 15 semi-professional Thermo Hygrometer is so important. Designed for carrying out spot checks to determine whether the relative humidity and the air temperature are within the permissible workplace threshold limits, for example, the BC 15 can provide you with exact and reliable data in a mere matter of seconds. The hand-held meters ergonomic design and the clearly-arranged soft-touch keys mean that the unit can be operated single-handedly if necessary leaving you with one hand free to perform other things.
    And there are more than enough other things to do in the offices, production sites, laboratories, storerooms, florists and countless food and farming scenarios where the BC15 can be put to good use. Buy a BC 15 ThermoHygrometer today and get a grip on the environment you live or work in. It could possibly change your life.
    Features and Benefits of the BC 15 ThermoHygrometer
    ·         Measures relative humidity and air temperature
    ·         Excellent value for money
    ·         Quick reaction time
    ·         Minimum and maximum values, hold function
    ·         Backlit display
    ·         Soft touch keys
    ·         Easy to use
    ·         Robust design