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Trotec Infrared Thermometer/Pyrometer BP20

  • Trotec Infrared Thermometer/Pyrometer BP20

    Trotec Infrared Thermometer/Pyrometer BP20 BP20

    BP20 infrared thermometer / pyrometer – entry-level pyrometer with high-flying ambitions
    It has an array of attractive and impressive features including an optical resolution of 12:1, a degree of emission that can be adjusted to suit the type of selected material, a broad temperature range and an innovative dual laser which can visualize the size of the measuring spot automatically further cemented the BP20’s position as one of the widely bought infrared thermometers in its class/on the market.
    Power up the new BP20 and the multi-purpose, user-friendly, handheld measuring tool is ready to provide you with precise and reliable measuring results in a mere matter of seconds.
    The BP20 can quickly and reliably measure values between -35 °C and +800 °C and present them on a crisp and clear backlit display - ideal for carrying out measurements in poorly-lit or pitch-black surroundings.
    And because the display is so easy to read, it can even offset the onset of fatigue. Now you can’t get much more user-friendly than that!
    The BP20 infrared thermometer / pyrometer features:
    ·         Contact-free surface temperature measurements between -35 °C and +800 °C
    ·         Optical resolution 12:1
    ·         Sheer unbeatable value for money
    ·         Dual laser technology for measuring spot diameter display
    ·         Freely-selectable degree of emission from 0.1 to 1.0
    ·         Minimum/maximum value and hold function
    ·         Backlit display
    ·         Alarm