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IRtek LR300 Thermo Ranger

  • IRtek LR300 Thermo Ranger

    IRtek LR300 Thermo Ranger IRL300

    The IRtek LR300 is a "No Touch Thermal Solution".  

    Designed for non-contact temperature measurement of small targets up to 15m away.  Easy to handle and ideal for checking electrical power, railway, can safely measure the temperature of transmission lines.  Widely used for monitoring substation equipment and various plant maintenance.

    Medium-Long Range
    Distance from 2 m to 15 m
    Temperature range -20°C to 280°C
    Accurately point & measure
    Optical sighting telescope
    Distance to Spot ratio 300 : 1
    One Year warranty
    Calibration / Verification facility using certified Black Body Instrument  
    Supplied in hard carry case

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