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IRtek IR80 Premium Infrared Thermometer

  • IRtek IR80 Premium Infrared Thermometer

    IRtek IR80 Premium Infrared Thermometer IR80

    An invaluable detection tool for fault finding investigation purposes in your preventive maintenance program.  
    Easy to use just point, shoot and read the temperature on the large backlight display.  
    When you need a fast, easy, safe way to measure surface temperature, you need this non-contact thermometer.  
    It can help prevent a variety of temperature related equipment or process malfunctions before serious damage can occur.
    ·         1-year warranty
    ·         Supports K type thermocouple
    ·         Max, min, diff., and avg temperature reading
    ·         Auto power off to save battery power
    ·         LCD backlight for clear readout display
    ·         Selectable °C or °F units
    ·         Low battery indication
    Engineers quickly and efficiently gather temperature data from these applications:
    Manufacturing Process
    ·         Metals and Heat Treating
    ·         Printing, Paper, and Converting
    ·         Thin Film Plastics
    ·         Glass
    ·         Paint Curing/Drying
    ·         Food
    Plant Maintenance
    ·         Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
    ·         Energy Audits
    ·         Quality Assurance Programs
    ·         Vehicle and Fleet Maintenance Programs
    ·         Faulty Electrical/Circuit Connections
    ·         Petrochemical/Hazardous Locations
    ·         Motors, Pumps, and Bearings
    Safety and Protection
    ·         Fire Localization
    ·         Hazardous Materials
    ·         Faulty Ballasts
    ·         Search and Rescue
    ·         Smouldering Embers
    ·         Equipment Maintenance
    Temperature Range: -60°C ~ 760°C 
    Distance : Spot: 30 : 1
    Effective Distance: Approx. 1.5m*
    Resolution: 0.1°
    ·         ±1°C for 15°C ~ 35°C;
    ·         ±2% of reading or ±2°C whichever is greater
    Emissivity: adjustable 0.10 ~ 1.00
    Response Time: 1 second
    Spectral Response: 8 ~ 14μm
    Laser Pointer: Single, Class II, up to 1mW
    ·         K type
    ·         range: -64°C ~ 1400°C 
    ·         accuracy: ±1% of reading or ±1°C
    ·         whichever is greater
    Power: 2 x 1.5V (AAA battery)
    Size: H146 x D132.7 x W48.8 mm
    Weight: 221.8g
    Standard Accessories:
    ·         Operation Manual
    ·         Batteries
    ·         Warranty Card
    ·         Certificate of Product Conformance