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IRtek IR100e PRO Hi-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer

  • IRtek IR100e PRO Hi-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer

    IRtek IR100e PRO Hi-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer IR100E

    The IRtek 100e is an invaluable detection tool for fault finding and investigation purposes in your preventive maintenance program.
    Easy to use — just point, shoot and read the temperature on the large backlight display.
    When you need a fast, easy, safe way to measure surface temperature, you need this non-contact thermometer.
    It can help prevent a variety of temperature related problems or process malfunctions before serious damage occurs.
    • 1-year warranty
    • Max and min temperature reading
    • Auto power off to save battery power
    • LCD backlight for dark environment
    • Selectable °C or °F units
    • Low battery indication
    Accurately monitor, control and manage process temperatures and help engineers locate
    ‘hot-spots’ on a range of critical process plant, machinery and electrical connections.
    The objective for the engineer is simple: eliminate potential overheating problems before they stop the production line or before the fault causes a critical, high capital value machine to breakdown.
    These are some diverse application examples:
    ·         Predict and Prevent Process Failure
    ·         Perform Energy Auditing
    ·         Prevent Contamination
    ·         Identify Permanent Test Sights
    Temperature Range: -25°C ~ 1000°C (-13°F ~ 1832°F)
    Effective Distance: Approx. 3m*
    Distance : Spot: 50 : 1
    Resolution:  0.5°
    Accuracy:  ±0.5% of reading or ±1°C (±1.8°F); whichever is greater
    Emissivity: adjustable 0.10 ~ 1.00
    Response Time: less than 0.5 second
    Spectral Response: 7 ~ 18μm
    Laser Pointer: Single, Class II, up to 1mW
    Power: 9V battery
    Weight: 200g
    Size: H165 x D30 x W105 mm
    Standard Accessories:

    ·         Hard Case
    ·         Operation Manual
    ·         Battery
    ·         Warranty Card
    ·         Certificate of Product Conformance