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Stalker Pro 2 Speed Gun

  • Stalker Pro 2 Speed Gun

    Stalker Pro 2 Speed Gun STPRO2

    Stalker Radar engineers have drawn on Stalker's Direction Sensing Technology and 15+ years of baseball scouting experience to develop the software and algorithms that yield greater range, sensitivity and accuracy.
    From the rugged cast-metal exterior (waterproof to 2 feet!) to the world's most sensitive transmitter/receiver, to the miniaturised and modernised electronics, to the direction-sensing software, and the baseball-specific algorithms, the Pro II is a new generation sports radar in a class by itself. Not only is the Stalker Pro II the first sports radar capable of simultaneously tracking objects moving both toward and away from the radar, it is capable of measuring speeds in excess of the speed of sound (up to 800 miles per hour or 1287 KM/H). And the Pro II's 10-millisecond acquisition time makes it ideal for virtually any type of sport, game or activity that needs speed measurement.
    Easy function selection on the Pro II automatically adjusts the internal settings for any type of target.
    Vehicle Mode: Clock vehicles on land or water up to two miles away. The Stalker Pro II also filters out other vehicles moving in the opposite direction of interest.
    Tennis Mode: Track balls on either side of the tennis court, as the Pro II's wide beam width measures both the ball's peak (serve) speed as well as the decelerating live speed.
    Baseball Mode: The bi-directional Pro II measures the peak (release) speed and plate (roll-down) speed of a baseball pitch, as well as the speed of a batted ball (travelling in the opposite direction of the pitched ball). All three speeds displayed at the same time.


    Features and Specifications:  
    1-800mph speed range Waterproof to 2 feet of Water
    Removable, rechargeable 7.2-volt, 2400 maHr lithium-ion battery handle Optional, rechargeable 7.2-volt, 3800 maHr lithium-ion battery handle
    Constant transmit time of 21/2 hours per charge Measures MPH, KM/H, knots, M/S
    Resolution: Tenths and Ones - user selectable Ka-Band Doppler Radar
    2 active speed windows, 5-digit status window, separate peak window Back lit LCD display and keypad
    Press trigger to transmit (or Press Transmit On / Press Transmit off) - user selectable
    Includes 120VAC wall adapter
    Optional 12 VDC Cigarette Plug Cable 12-degree radar beam
    10msec acquisition time 10mw transmitter power
    RS-232 communication with RS-485 available on special order 1200 to 38.4K baud
    High Speed Cutoff 150 mph and 300mph Recall Previous Display: 10 previous
    Stopwatch Function (requires optional stopwatch cable) basic, lap timer, split timer.
    Package includes:
    - The Stalker Pro II sports radar gun 
    - Rechargeable Li-ion battery handle
    - Battery charger
    - Operators Manual

    Click here to download Stalker Pro II Speed Gun pdf brochure