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Trotec BM15 Moisture Indicator

  • Trotec BM15 Moisture Indicator

    Trotec BM15 Moisture Indicator BM15

    BM15 moisture indicator
    Life is hard enough as it is. So why not make life a little easier on yourself – with a BM15 moisture meter from the Trotec MultiMeasure Basic series. A BM15 moisture meter is a hands-on moisture measuring device which can provide you with instant and unerring information on the moisture content of a variety of different woods and soft building materials.
    The BM15 is so simple to use that you won’t want to be without one again. Just insert the hardy and extremely sturdy electrodes into any piece of wood, plaster, screed or other soft building material and read off the exact moisture content on the easy-to-read bar scale.
    Pull off the protective cap and the BM15 is ready to measure the moisture content of virtually any kind of wood – timber for building, wood for further processing, firewood, you name it – using the resistance principle. The calibration curve built into the BM15 is so comprehensive that it covers all the important types of wood found in Europe based on a wood temperature of 20 °C – ash, beech, birch, even the great English oak. This quick method of determining the moisture in a broad band of commonly-found wood types saves you from having to work out individual parameters, consult other perhaps less reliable sources or carry out any finicky adjustments which cost time, nerves and energy. Now there’s simplicity, reliability, accuracy and thoroughness combined in just one device.
    There is no end to the possible applications for which the BM15 is, quite simply, ideally-suited: wood processing plants, construction companies, building inspectors, quality assurers, assessors, end customers who simply wish to check the moisture content of their firewood – the list is sheer endless. And all these users want to know what the moisture content of the material they are testing is like without having to go into a dance routine to do so first.
    Go easy on yourself. Buy a BM15 and get all the information you need to get a job well done. Every single time.
    Benefits and Features of the BM15 moisture meter
    ·         Measuring principle: resistance principle
    ·         Length of electrodes: approx. 8 mm (0.31 ins)
    ·         Measuring range wood moisture: 6 – 44 %
    ·         Accuracy wood moisture: approx. ± 1 %
    ·         Measuring range building moisture: 0.2 – 2.0 %
    ·         Accuracy building moisture: approx. ± 0.05 %
    ·         Permissible environmental conditions: 0 – 40 °C / 0 – 85 % RH