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Magna Trak CST/Berger 202SC Locator

  • Magna Trak CST/Berger 202SC Locator

    Magna Trak CST/Berger 202SC Locator CSTMT202SC

    CST Magna Trak 202SC Magnetic Metal Detector with Soft Carry Bag

    Depth Reception varies depending on ground surface and mass of object.
    - Small Masonry Nail: up to 15 cm
    - Large Masonry Nail: up to 20 cm
    - Valve Box: up to 243 cm
    - Manhole Cover: up to 243 cm
    - 12.5 cm  Iron Pipe: up to 243 cm
    - Large Iron Tank: up to 457 cm 
    Large LCD Display
    Digital readout and bar graph allow you to locate visually. Used with audio tone allows for pinpoint accuracy, even in congested search areas. Segmented battery level indicator means no power loss surprises. Indicator cautions when detecting a power line.  
    Erase Function
    Lets you block out interference from a magnetic disturbance (such as a nearby fence)
    Membrane Switch
    Lets you adjust volume and sensitivity with the same hand that holds the locator
    No mechanical controls, membrane is sealed from dust and moisture
    Magnetic Speaker
    Enhanced to produce a richer tone for easier locating. 
    Engineered Body
    Lightweight 1.3 Kg
    Water resistant housing permits use in the rain
    Ergonomic handle with textured grip
    Product Specifications:
    6 AA Batteries, 100 hours of intermittent operation (with alkaline batteries)
    Length :  109 cm
    5 Years limited warranty
     No longer available from GSR Laser Tools.  Replaced with David White Smart Trak ST102