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Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg

  • Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg

    Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg CLEGG45KG

    Non destructive Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5Kg.
    The 4.5 kg "Standard" Clegg Impact Soil Tester was the first Clegg Hammer developed by Dr. Baden Clegg in the 1970's. It was initially conceived for base course testing but has turned out to be the "general purpose" Clegg. It is based on the instrumentation of a "modified proctor" laboratory compaction hammer. The Hammer mass is 5 cm in diameter at 4.5 kg and is dropped from a set height of 45 cm. The weight of the guide tube and metre is approximately 2 kg.
    The Australian shipping case weighs approximately 7 kg. The total weight is around 14 kg. Instrument height is 70 cm and the guide tube is 15 cm in diameter. The shipping case is around 22 cm by 25 cm by 80 cm. The output at the fourth drop of the standard Clegg Hammer when dropped from its standard height is known as the Clegg Impact Value (CIV), where the output is in Clegg units, i.e. where 1 Clegg unit equals 10 gravity units with the resulting decimal fraction truncated. Shown above Model GTM-SS-E both with hardened steel ends.
    Low Cost :  An Impact Test requires only one person and less than a minute to perform using the portable apparatus. 
    The Impact Value is displayed directly and instantaneously on the Hammer’s meter upon completion of the test. The Clegg Impact Test can be performed by the supervisor himself or by the man on the job. Sensible application at the time of construction can reduce the risk of costly overworking or reworking.
    For more information on the various Non Destructive Impact Testing please click link to the print friendly pdf version.
    with compliments to Dr. Baden Clegg Pty Ltd for providing information on the different types Clegg Impact Hammers
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