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Silva Expedition S MS Compass

  • Silva Expedition S MS Compass

    Silva Expedition S MS Compass SIEXPSMS

    The Expedition S MS brings two new features to the plate: a slope card and a distance lanyard. The slope card is great for detecting potential avalanche risk and for determining how challenging your journey ahead may be.
    The distance lanyard has two scales on it : 1:25 and 1:50, which allows you to measure the distance of your hike. The soft and flexible body is easy to place directly onto your route on the map.
    Map-measuring scales in mm and inch
    Romer scales: 1:25k, 1:50k, GPS
    Built-in adjuster for magnetic declination
    Built-in clinometer for vertical angle/slope measurement
    Luminous markings enables night navigation
    Silicon rubber feet increases precision in map work
    Built-in magnifier for detailed map reading
    Sighting Mirror with hole for the most accurate bearings
    Detachable safety-release lanyard
    Weight: 86grams