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Geo Fennel FS 30-XS Elevating Tripod

  • Geo Fennel  FS 30-XS Elevating Tripod

    Geo Fennel FS 30-XS Elevating Tripod GEOFS30XS

    The FS 30-XS Elevating Aluminium Tripod is a lightweight design which is easily transportable. For light use, when working on site with a high elevation height, this Tripod can be used for interior and exterior work.
    It’s a "half way house" between a standard outdoor elevating tripod & an indoor photo type, having the option of either spiked or rubber padded feet
    An impressive full 3 metres of working range is couple with a rigid braced construction. It’s another option to a pole system to be able to elevate either Rotary or Cross Line lasers to commercial ceiling heights.

    The FS 30-XS Elevating Tripod Features Adjustable range of centre column, Fine crank drive for exact adjustment of upper column. Used outdoors, it has the rigidity & convenience of use for most small to medium work sites.

    Working range 1.10m to 3.00 metres
    Elevating column range of 360mm
    Fine crank drive for fine adjustment of working range.
    Post adjustment range of 410mm (upper column).
    Quick leg clamp system
    Rigid struts between tripod legs
    Metal die-cast hinges & integral bubble level.
    Spiked feet (for outdoors) or none slip rubber pads (for indoors).
    Retractable length down to 1.1m long - for easy transport.
    Shoulder carry strap.
    Weight: 5.7kg
    $363.00 (AUD inc GST)