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DigPilot machine guidance system

DigPilot is a brand by the Norwegian Company Gundersen & Løken AS.
Gundersen & Løken was founded in 1899 and is well known in the construction business developing, selling and repairing instruments for the building and Construction industry. 
DigPilot's founder, Mr Jan Floberg, has been in the machine Control business since 2000. He realised there's plenty of room for improvement and in the trade started constructing, with Bente Strøm-Gundersen, their own machine Control, the DigPilot. 
Starting out with DigPilot 2D and in a few years expanding the product line with the DigPilot 3D.
DigPilot progressed the following years and now has a well established customer group in Norway as well as in many other countries.
Suitable application include
Foundations-Drainage-Trenches-Pipe laying-Tank settings-Embankments-Parking lots-Sports grounds-Roadwork-Clamshell and auger etc.
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  • The DigPilot 2D Machine Guidance System (without GPS/GNSS) is an easy-to-use machine control system that saves time and money for the contractor. When the bucket level is known with an accuracy of centimeter, there is no need for level-checking pauses in excavation work. Adding grade control to your Excavator will come with a host of benefits. Tired of climbing in and out of the cab all day ? Then DigPilot might be just what you need.
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