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Digi-Pas is a registered trademark of DIGIPAS USA LLC. 

The company focuses in design and distributing world-leading advanced intelligent inclinometers, scientific levelling and angular measuring instruments providing a full range of digital level, 2-aixs precision electronic tilt angles, surface flatness and 2D alignment-diagnostic instruments specifically developed for professionals, specialists, tradesmen & DIY users.
DIGIPAS USA LLC is affiliated with Ventura group having a history of over 20 years. The group has offices located in Japan, UK, Germany and Singapore. This group is led by Dr Jim Li who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge University, UK and holds over 30 registered patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. His team comprises highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within the niched domain expertise of MEMS-driven precision digital levelling, 2D angular measurement and intelligent proximity access-gaining security technologies.
Ventura group specializes in research, development, design and manufacture of High Performance, Quality yet affordable digital levels and smart inclinometers to replace the use of traditional spirit 'bubble' levels and conventional single-axis inclinometers. These industrial and scientific-grade instruments are built with advanced 2-Axis & 3-Axis Super-MEMS Technology, and precisely compensated for nonlinearity and temperature variation to effectively withstand stringent operating environments.
The superiority of high-precision 2-axis MEMS Sensor compounded with digital embedded technologies offer 2-dimentional (planar) tilt-angle and levelling measurements with graphic-animated Smart 2D Bubble bull's eye, wireless and remote real-time logging unique capabilities. Essentially, these radically differentiated features transform into Precise, Accurate, Fast, & Reliable levelling, wide-range angle measurement/tracking / monitoring (0° ~ 360°) at resolutions of 0.1°, 0.05°, 0.01°, 0.001°, & 0.0002° (5µm/M or 1 acr sec) as well as having small footprint and high shock/impact resistant (6,000g). These radically unique functions offer unparalleled performance and benefits to field engineers, application designers and scientists unmatched by any traditional spirit 'bubble' levels or conventional single-axis pendulum-based inclinometers.
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  • The DigiPas DWL130 Clip-on Digital Level clips onto most spirit level (from 17.5mm up to 35mm wide) Measure to 0.05°, Measure in degrees or %. Image shown clipped onto to spirit level (not included).

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    $99.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • The Digi-Pas DWL-1500XY is an affordable Wireless-Bluetooth Dual-Axis Precision Digital Machinist Level of 0.001° resolution. Designed for the versatile levelling needs of industrial users, with a practical Bluetooth smartphone readout. Highly suitable for accurate machine bed levelling. 
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    Digi-Pas DWL1500XY Digital Machinist Level
    $698.50 (AUD inc GST)
    Digi-Pas DWL1500XY Digital Level w/AA Batteries
    $702.90 (AUD inc GST)
  • The DigiPas DWL-280Pro digital torpedo level is designed to the stringent specification of IP67 Water Proof and embedded with advanced LED technology allowing for the brightest display. This levelling tool is built with high impact resistance ABS plastic and rubber material moulded with a solid V-groove aluminium base allowing high performance and reliability in the toughest working environment.
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    Digi-Pas DWL280PRO WP Digital Level
    $189.20 (AUD inc GST)
    Digi-Pas DWL280PRO WP Incl.3x AAA Batteries
    $194.60 (AUD inc GST)
  • Digi-Pas DWL3000XY is a 0.01-Degree resolution dual axis precision digital machinist level with built-in vibrometer designed for industrial users and professionals. The DWL3000XY allows users to obtain both X and Y axis levelling simultaneously through digital numerical and colour graphic readouts.
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  • The DigiPas inclinometr DWL80 Pro Pocket-size Digital Level is designed for handy and practical applications that enhances the display angle with great clarity. The strong, impact-resistance ABS polymer material casing is moulded with a tough Aluminium base with built-im magnet. 107L x 55H x 18W mm. 
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    $99.00 (AUD inc GST)
  • Digi-Pas DWL 90 Pro 2-Axis Smart Cube Level is an accurate & easy to use 2-axis Wireless digital level. Read both X & Y axis angles Simultaneously and levelling status on your smartphone screen via wireless Bluetooth connection.
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    $88.00 (AUD inc GST)
    RRP: $99.00
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